Hyper Connected Shared Network
Join the User Centric Hyper Connected Shared Network by sharing
the User Centric Platform (the UB Platform), which enables users
(consumers) to connect directly to payment institutions and service
providers with no middlemen, with all businesses

Platform with No Middlemen
Eliminate intermediary costs, and increase user benefits and
business profits with simple, secure and trustworthy services

Open-type and Universal Platform
Accept all businesses, devices, technologies and operating systems,
and users can use any and all payment tender, all transaction
environments (online, offline, online-to-offline, worldwide),
and any service (payment, finance, commerce)

Shared Platform
Share the UB Platform to infinitely expand business area and user
access with your own brand and strategy, and maximize profits with
User Centric Artificial Intelligence-based differentiated Hyper
Personalized and Digital Me services

Shared Platform (Users)
Receive monetary benefits, such as points, by sharing accumulated
transaction data with businesses, and the more transactions,
the bigger the data asset value

My Data
All data is accumulated to the consumer (user) with the platform
with no middleman. Users, as data producers, are the owners
of their own data.

Artificial Intelligence, User Centric
Hyper Personalized Service
Provide relevant services and benefits, and inspiring Hyper
Personalized Services through User Centric Artificial
Intelligence (User Centric AI) that protects user privacy
Maximizes User Benefits
Users earn financial rewards with My Data and maximize
the benefits they can receive from coupons, points
and other loyalty programs when making payments

Maximizes Business
Revenues and Profits
Maximize sales revenue and profits by infinitely expanding service
area and consumer (user) access by sharing the platform and lead
with My Data, User Centric Artificial Intelligence (UCAI), and User
Centric Hyper Personalized Services
User Centric
UB Platform News
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