Payment and other
various services
are available on
Free yourself from the hassle of
having to install separate payment apps
and register your payment tenders
separately on each app. Take advantage
of the convenient and useful services
by the UB Platform in the app
you’ve been using. 

We embrace the changing
payment market environment.
Our payment service can be used on any smartphone,
with any communication technology, and apply any type of biometric authentication.
Any smartphone (Android, IOS, etc.)
Any communication technology (barcode, QR, button (Bluetooth), NFC, push, etc.)
Any authentication method (password, pattern, biometric authentication, etc.)
All the services that users want
All services used by users are provided on the UBpay platform.
Payment Tender: Prepaid Cards, Bank Transfers, Debit & Credit Cards, Local Currencies, Gift Certificates
Life: Mobile Offerings, Order Ahead & Pick-up, Food Delivery, Order & Shipping, Recurring Payments
Transportation: Highway Tolls, Parking Fees, Taxi Call and Pay
Healthcare: Medical Payments, Drug Payments, Insurance Reimbursements
Memberships: Points, Stamps, and Coupons
AI Agent: Generative AI based 1:1 Matching Service
QR code
Push Notifications
Payment Tender
Prepaid Cards
Bank Transfer
Credit & Debit
Local Currencies
Gift Certificates
Mobile Offering
Order Ahead & Pickup
Order & Delivery
Order & Shipping
Taxi Call & Pay
Recurring payments
Hospital / Pharmacy
AI Agent
1:1 AI Matching
  • Barcode
  • QR code
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Push Notifications
Scan your barcode and pay

at stores with POS terminals
Payment is easily completed when the cashier
scans the payment barcode in the user’s app
"I don't carry my wallet anymore as I
just show the
barcode instead,
and the points are processed all at once."
30-year-old developer Seo.
Pay by QR Code at shops
Pay by scanning the merchant’s QR code
with your smartphone.
"At first, it was cumbersome to scan,

but once I’d tried it, it became

easier, and I am glad that I can help support

small business owners.“
38-year-old simultaneous interpreter Oh.
Pay in a variety of ways

with Bluetooth
Users can easily pay by Bluetooth with their
smartphone when the merchant presses the payment
request button on a Bluetooth payment-enabled terminal
or a Bluetooth payment-button calculator.
Make contactless payments by Bluetooth for
your taxi fare without getting out of the backseat.
“I can easily pay without getting moving from
the back seat of the taxi. It’s fun,
pso I’ll keep using it."
40-year-old flight attendant Kwon.

Make contactless payments at NFC

payment-accepting UB Merchants
Complete your payment by simply touching your phone
to the UB Merchant’s contactless payment terminal.
“I like to use it because it is easy to pay
right away
when I touch
my phone to the terminal.”
33-year-old lawyer Jeong.
All you need to do is check

your phone with push notifications
When making online or online-to-offline payments, a push
notification is sent to the user’s smartphone and payment
is easily completed in the UBpay app.
This option is perfect for regularly recurring payments
such as rent, school fees, etc. The user is automatically
notified when payment is due, so they never have to
worry about unpaid over overdue bills.
"It’s not complicated and it’s really convenient because
the payment notification message arrives automatically
on my mobile phone.”
30-year-old office worker Park.
Payment Tender
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit & Debit
  • Local Currencies
  • Gift Certificates
All of your prepaid tender

can be used with UBpay
Any prepaid tender, including e-money, prepaid cards,
and other rechargeable cards can be added
to UBpay and used as payment tender.
“Because I can add and use the cards that I’ve been
using, my wallet has become lighter. The security
is also excellent, so I feel more relieved.”
28-year-old office worker Park.
“It’s nice to know that I can use any kind of prepaid
card easily and conveniently inside just one app.”
32-year-old office worker Park.
Add your bank account

to UBpay!
Easily make bank transfer payments by adding
your bank account to UBpay or one of
our UB Service Provider apps.
You only need to add your bank account once
cto be able to use it to make bank transfer
payments in UBpay or any UB Service Provider app.
Bank transfers with UBpay are a great way to
reduce costs for small businesses
“I was always upset because we pay such high card fees,
regardless of how good our sales are, but we are quite
happy with UBpay because there are no fees for debit payments.”
34-year-old small business owner Lim
All of your debit and credit cards

can be added to UBpay
Add all of your cards to easily make
mobile payments with your smartphone.
“Because I can add and use the cards that I’ve been
using, my wallet has become lighter. The security
is also excellent, so I feel more relieved.”
28-year-old office worker Park.
“Since it supports a variety of payment methods and
services, it’s so much more convenient to use.”
34-year-old student Kim.
Recharge and use

any local currency with UBpay
Enjoy discounts and other benefits while
supporting the local economy.
Using local currency is not as difficult as I thought.
Up to 15% off, so why not use it?”
34-year-old office worker Shin.
“When you pay with a local currency, there are no fees for
businesses, which is of great help in difficult times.
Please support small businesses by using local currencies.”
55-year-old small business owner Jo.
Purchase and use any mobile gift

certificates with UBpay.
You can easily purchase and use various gift certificates
with UBpay or UB Service Provider apps.
If the gift certificate amount is not enough to cover
the entire purchase, you can instantly finish your transaction
by paying with debit or credit, all inside the app.
“I never knew what gift certificates I could use and
where I could use them, but with UBpay I don’t
have to worry about that ever again.”
29-year-old marketer Kim.
  • Tolls
  • Mobile Offering
  • Order Ahead & Pickup
  • Order & Delivery
  • Order & Shipping
  • Taxi Call & Pay
  • Recurring payments
  • Hospital / Pharmacy
Easily pay highway

tolls with UBpay.
Stop worrying about how you will pay for highway tolls,
or whether your transponder is properly installed.
All you have to do is drive through the toll.
Tolls are automatically charged and can be paid
with your electronic toll payment app,
the UBpay app or any UB Service Provider apps.
“I have lots of business trips, so I often stressed about
unpaid tolls. But now I don’t have to worry because
can easily pay the tolls with my smartphone.”
33-year-old office worker Kim.
UB Mobile Offering, perfect for the era

of online worship!
Did you know that these days over 70%
Christians give their offerings online?
Churches and other places of religious worship
can all use UB Mobile Offering on their apps,
webpages, UBpay, and UB Service Provider apps
without paying any fees.
“Our church was looking to change to meet the current
trends and being able to provide mobile offering services
to our members has been a great convenience.”
43-year-old church member Kim.
Stop waiting in line, order right away

with Order Ahead & Pickup!
You don't have to wait in line at coffee shops or
restaurants, you can easily order ahead and
then pick up and enjoy your order.
"It's so good that I don't have to wait in line
at a coffee shop during lunchtime."
24-year-old office worker Seo.
“Easily ordering takeout from the restaurant has
been a lunchtime staple for me these days."
27-year-old office worker Lee.
Help small businesses in your neighborhood

with Order & Delivery
UB Delivery reduces costs and increases
profits for small businesses.
UB Delivery helps local small businesses by charging
the lowest payment and delivery fees while also
offering points, stamps, coupons and
other benefits to users. 
“I was hesitant to get involved with food delivery
services due to the high fees, but this service is
quite cheap and affordable."
27-year-old developer Kim.
“I really like that my favorite chicken restaurant
gives me a discount when I use the UB Order & Delivery.”

36-year-old developer Jeon.
Order specialty products

with Order & Shipping!
Purchase high-quality local products, such as
local specialty products, agricultural and marine
products, and meat and dairy products from anywhere
in the country.
“Small business owners like us are worried about the
sales channels, and I am very grateful to be able to use this service
to sell my products to customers across the country.”
58-year-old mushroom grower Kang.
"It feels like I’m traveling to markets across the country
because I can purchase local specialty products
on the app."
45-year-old office worker Lee.
Hail a taxi and pay for it at the

same time with Taxi Call & Pay
No ride-hailing app? No problem! Easily hail and pay
call taxis and pay fare from the UBpay app and UB
Sfor taxis with UBpay and UB Service Provider apps.
Users can use Bluetooth BLE technology to make
contactless payments from the backseat of the cab
and drivers love it because paying this way charges
them the lowest fees.
“I had felt bad for taxi drivers having to deal with high
credit card fees, but now that I can pay with UB, I feel
much better knowing that the taxi driver is getting
paid for their hard work.”
27-year-old freelancer Lee.
“It’s so convenient to pay by Bluetooth without
moving when I’m sitting in the back seat of the cab.”
24-year-old office worker Seo.
Pay as soon as you receive your payment

notification with the Recurring Payments service
Convert your monthly bills into easy-to-manage
e-bills and never pay an overdue fee again.
Receive e-bills automatically on your smartphone
on the payment date and then pay them immediately.
“I always forget to pay my bills, so it’s great that
I get automatic notifications and can stay
on top of my finances”
28-year-old office worker Seo.
“I had worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep track
if I paid electronically, but the app makes everything
so easy and convenient. It’s much better than the old way.”

55-year-old housewife Kang.
Eliminate wait times
at the doctor’s office,

hospital and pharmacy
with UB Medical Fintech services
One-stop solution for handling your
medical/pharmaceutical expenses, electronic prescriptions
and insurance reimbursement claims
all on your smartphone.
If I use the Medical Fintech service, I can transfer
prescriptions and pay for drugs in advance, so when
I go to the pharmacy near the hospital with my baby,
I can get my prescriptions so quicky – almost like
a drive-thru service, and it’s all very convenient.”
35-year-old housewife Shin.
“When I go to the hospital, so much time is wasted
waiting in line for payments but using the UB Medical
Fintech Service has saved me so much time.”
30-year-old office worker Park.
  • Points
  • Stamps
  • Coupons
All of your membership
points can be
used instantly and automatically
on UBpay

No need to scan a separate barcode to earn your points
– your membership points are accumulated automatically
with every participating UB Merchant.
Now small businesses that operate without
a POS can provide their own point services.
UB Points show you what coupons you have available
to use at the time of purchase and lets you earn points
automatically, with no extra swiping or scanning required.
“It’s difficult to manage and use all the different points
programs, so I would just ignore them, but with UBpay,
my points are automatically accumulated, which makes
keeping track of them and using them super easy.”
28-year-old designer Seo.
Automatically stamp your loyalty stamp cards and reap the benefits with UBpay.

Keep losing your stamp card? Don’t know which
barcode you’re supposed to show to the cashier?
Now you can automatically stamp your cards
at any participating UB Merchant.
No POS? No problem! UBpay provides stamp and
other loyalty services to partners and they
don’t require a POS to be processed.
“I used to always lose my stamp cards and get so
frustrated. Now, I don’t have to worry and I can
collect and use my stamps at my favorite cafés.”
24-year-old office worker Seo.
Never forget to use another
coupon with UBpay!

With UBpay, coupons can be used automatically
without presenting paper coupons or scanning barcodes.
UB Coupons allow small business owners to issue
their own mobile coupons for discounts or product vouchers
and distribute them directly to their customers’ smartphone.
"I never thought that a small business like ours
would be able to take advantage of smartphone coupons.”
55-year-old local store owner Lim.
AI Agent
  • AI Agent JarvisJust
JarvisJust, a Generative AI based matching Agent
that matches users with similar interests through questions!

Through conversational interactions based on generative AI, 1:1 chat is facilitated by matching users with results aligning with their questions.
We’re here to help facilitate direct transactions between sellers and buyers through conversation.
We provide matching services where you can share information with people who have similar hobbies and interests. Through this matching, you can enjoy activities such as study groups and dinner gatherings together.
“It is convenient for sellers as there is no separate product upload process, and it is also convenient for the users as it removes the hassle of navigating and searching by using the 1:1 JJ chat!”
50-year-old Central market official

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