My Data, User Centric Artificial
Intelligence, User Centric Hyper
Personalized Service
The UB Platform is a platform with no middlemen, which utilizes My Data that
is accumulated, protected, and managed by the user to preserve individual user
privacy while enabling businesses to securely and fairly collaborate without sharing or
integrating user data with other businesses and form federations with other businesses,
and provides users with novelty and benefits and maximizes corporate profits and value. 
Users are the center of every transaction
Users earn financial rewards with My Data and maximize
benefits, such as coupons, points and other
loyalty programs when making payments
Simple and Convenient
Even without the UBpay app, users can take advantage of UBpay services,
manage their payment tender and check their transaction history
in any partner app.
Safe & Secure
The UB Platform is completely secure as users connect directly
to their financial institutions when making payments,
therefore no financial data needs to be stored on the UBpay app or UB servers,
and no financial data is ever passed to UB Merchants or middlemen.
The UB platform is an open-type, universal service
that works with any payment technology
and any payment method.
Use any mobile device (Samsung, Apple, LG, etc.)
Use any operating system (iOS, Android, etc.)
Use any communication technology (QR codes, barcodes, NFC, Bluetooth, sound, etc.)
Any business (financial institutions, companies, UB Merchant, etc.) can join the platform
Numerous and various services (payments, remittances, transfers, withdrawals, etc.) provided on the platform
Use any payment tender (prepaid card, debit & credit, local currency, gift certificates, etc.)
Use online, in person at brick & mortar stores, and with online-to-offline services anywhere in the world

We create a hyper connected
world by sharing the UB platform.
The UB platform (Powered by UB) is shared free-of-charge with
partners, allowing them to provide payment
services and other various services under
their own brand name.
User centric integrated management of the registered
and points/coupons in any UB Service Provider app.
UB Service Providers participating on the UB shared
platform provide greater benefits to their customers
through cross-promotions and cross-selling,
co-developing new products, and co-marketing opportunities
Stop financial security problems
at their source.
Users connect directly to their financial institution to request and process payments with their smartphones through secured, dedicated end-to-end communication that cuts out the need for middlemen, such as processors or data-switchers.
Completely eliminates any risk of being hacked as no financial information is stored in user apps or business servers.
Completely eliminates the risk of intermediary theft as no financial information is ever sent to the merchant’s payment terminal.
We Provide User Centric My Data,
User Centric Artificial Intelligence, and
User Centric Hyper Personalized Services

User Centric My Data
Data generated individually by various UB Service Apps
is accumulated and managed by the user to guarantee
user data sovereignty

User Centric Artificial Intelligence
Provides artificial intelligence services that provides
novelty and benefits while protecting privacy for
My Data service that accumulates data to the user.
User Centric Hyper Personalized Service
Provides customized services that satisfy user needs by utilizing
User Centric My Data and User Centric Artificial Intelligence

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