Join the UB Platform
for the solution to all your needs!
Join the UB Platform to easily get everything your business needs, including acquiring
users, increasing sales, reducing costs, generating profits, and acquiring data. 
Take the lead by joining the User Centric Shared Platform and gaining access to
User Centric My Data, User Centric Artificial Intelligence, and
User Centric Hyper Personalized Services
UB Merchant
Any businesses that allow their products and services to be paid for with UBpay, provide their goods or services on UB platform, or participate on the platform to carry out marketing promotions for UB users.
UB Service Provider
Businesses can become UB Service Providers to provide mobile payment services and other convenient services under their own brand name by sharing the UB platform.
UB Issuer
Banks, prepaid tender issuers, debit/credit card issuers, gift certificate issuers, prepaid card issuers, and other businesses can become UB issuers to have their issued tender be used on the platform as payment by UB users.
UB In-app Merchant
Businesses can participate on the UB platform to provide their products and services inside the UBpay app or various UB Service Provider apps
UB Point Issuer
Companies participating in UB Services that provide users with points (financial value) and obtain user transaction data

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