No matter how many new and amazing
products and services you develop,
it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any users
Join the UB Platform as a UB In-App Merchant, the easiest way to
promote and widely distribute your products and services
Expand product and service user access
Acquire users within a short period of time
Reduce promotion and marketing costs
Increase product and service sales and boost profits
Potential Partners
Products and services
available online
Products and services
available at brick
& mortar stores
Services, such as
healthcare, mobility,
and recurring payments
Any product or server
that is provided to
Products and services are always available on the
many UB Service Apps shared on the UB Platform
Promote products and services and increase sales
in a short period of time 
Reduce advertising, promotion and marketing costs,
which are the biggest obstacles to distributing
products and services
Our Partners
Pohang St. Mary’s Hospital
Sungji Hospital
TelCuOn (Taxi Fares)
Ulsan Metropolitan City (2,400 Ulsan Pedal Merchants)
G&Net (Mobile Billing for Loss Insurance)
AEGIS ENTERPRISE (Maintenance Fee Payment for 12,000,000 Apartments Countrywide)
TOOZ Parking Technology (100 Automated Parking Lot Systems Countrywide)

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