Harex InfoTech Inc
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Our History
We’ve been thinking from the user’s perspective for over 20 years.

- Excellent Service Award, Outstanding Company Awards Ceremony of the Republic of Korea

- Signed a business agreement with Consilient, a U.S. company, for the development and spread of shared AI in the field of financial crime

- Launched Narasarang Pay service in collaboration with the Military Mutual Aid Association and Seven-Eleven for the welfare of military personnel

- Launched UBeans service in partnership with Chungbuk National University and Seven-Eleven, providing benefits to students and employees


- Signed a business agreement with Africa Fintech Network for the digital platformization of African companies

- CEO Kyung Yang Park won the Best Management Award at the Fall Conference of the Korean Management Association and the Round Table Meeting of Korean Management

- Made agreement with Korea Franchise Association to promote AI Sharing Platform business 

- Alliance with Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) to develop a global Taekwondo platform


- Alliance with Military Mutual Aid Association and 7-Eleven

- Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Administration signed an agreement to help promote the share platform business.

- Launched TMAP Expressway automatic toll payment service 

- Launched ‘Ulsan Paydal’ Delivery Service on the Ulsan Pay Platform

- Launched Rail+ rail and transportation payment service with KORAIL 


- Alliance with Military Mutual Aid Association and 7-Eleven

- Signed a non-face-to-face service agreement with Ulsan Pay

- Launched mobile payment service for unpaid tolls with Korea Expressway Corporation

- Launched mobile offering service for Yeouido Full Gospel Church

- Signed business partnership agreement for smart hospital service with Nongshim Data System (NDS)

- Signed business partnership agreement with BBQ (fried chicken franchise)

- Signed business partnership agreement with Eastar Jet

- Signed contract with FIN (Financial Integrity Network), a US-based financial security advisory firm
  to consult on UB system integrity and support the establishment of a global UB network


- Participated with the Korean government’s Zero Pay service as a primary business operator
  (shared the Zero Pay service to over 800,000 UB Merchants nationwide)

- Signed business agreement with the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL)

- Partnered with the Korea Credit Union (to provide the S-Pay Service powered by UB)

- Signed partnership agreement with the Alumni Association of Korea Youth Startups Academy
  under the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency

- Signed contract with McLarty Associates to support the establishment of a global UB network

- Signed a partnership agreement for an integrated payment service with the Nationwide Convenience Store Association


- Opened an easy payment service in Postpay by the Office of Postal Service

- Registered as an electronic notification payment service provider

- Opened QR easy payment service in local traditional markets

- Participated in the IMF World Bank Annual Meeting (Indonesia, Bali)


- Launched banking app partner service with Busan, Gyeongnam, and Jeju bank

- Launched the Smart ATM, Smart Order, and Dutch Pay services

- Launched Medical Fintech service with Pohang St. Mary's Hospital, and other local hospitals.


- Founder and CEO Park Kyung Yang becomes sole manager of Harex InfoTech Inc.

- Launched UBpay Shared Platform service

- Launched UBpay services, including the IM Shopping service with Gong Young Shopping,
  and a service with Korea Culture Promotion Inc.

- Winner, 2016 Global Innovation Award, the Society of Open Innovation Conference, San Jose State University


- Registered as a value-added network (VAN) service provider for credit cards and other payment services

- Managerial control of Harex InfoTech Inc., returned to Founder and CEO Kyung Young Park
  with acquisition of Korea Telecom’s stake in company.


- MoCa PAY service re-branded to UBpay

- Launched recurring maintenance fee payment service for 8.5 million apartments nationwide

- Participated in the World Economic Forum, Disruptive Innovation in the Financial Service Workshop to present on user centric payments


- Registered as an electronic bank transfer payment issuer and management business

- Launched mobile payment services at 23 franchises including CU and Shinsegae

- Winner, Grand Innovation Award, TESCO, UK

- Winner, Best Technology Gold Award, Innovation Project 2013 at Harvard University

- Winner, Creative Enterprise Grand Innovation Award, 2013 Service Marketing Awards


- Received capital investment by Korea Telecom (KT) and incorporated into KT Group

- Launched the MoCa Mobile Alliance

- UBpay service re-branded to MoCa PAY

- Signed business agreement with UNICEF to provide a mobile donation service


- Launched UBpay, the user centric mobile payment service

- Registered as an Electronic Payment and Settlement Agency (Payment Gateway)

- Signed business partnership agreement to issue and operate mobile card service with Samsung Card and KEB Card

- Launched UBpay services with Shinsegae I&C, Huvis, Kyungdong Rent-A-Car, and Shinsegae


- Provided mobile card issuance system to 11 card companies

- Signed contract to build a mobile USIM student ID at Chungnam National University with Woori Bank

- Signed contract to build an over-the-air system with Samsung Card, Lotte Card, and KEB

- Signed business partnership agreement for mobile credit cards with Nonghyup Card, Lotte Card, and Hana SK Card


- Granted international patent for mobile card issuance and management (over-the-air method, etc.)

- Signed business partnership agreement for secure mobile payments with Shinhan Card

- Signed agency contract for membership ID card issuance and operation with KT, SK, and OKcashbag

- Developed infrastructure for the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute and ATM RF


- Started a secure mobile payment service for the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation

- Signed business partnership agreement to develop an OTA system for BC Card

- Constructed USIM banking (UbiTouch) mobile carrier G/W system for KFTC


- Signed mobile credit card business partnership with Shinhan Card and Hyundai Card

- Launched secure mobile payment service for Hana Bank and Industrial Bank


- Launched secure mobile payment service for Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank

- Signed business partnership agreement with BC Card, SKT, KT, and LGU+


- Constructed dongle infrastructure compatible with 3 mobile carriers (SKT, KT, LGU+)


- Signed dongle development contract with Mobile Telecom Big 3 (SKT, KT, LGU+)

- Received joint investment from Mobile Telecom Big 3 (SKT, KT, LGU+) (Acquisition of 51% stake with 8.1 billion KRW investment)


- Launched the mobile card pilot service for the University of Southern California, U.S.

- Exported technology to Japan for pilot mobile card business with NTT


- Participated in the Seongnam City ‘Cashless City Digital City’ project together with LGU+ and KT

- World’s first Ubiquitous Mobile Commerce Service commercialization (UMCS)

- Promoted VISA mobile cards for Sookmyung Women’s University

- Announcement of IrFM version 1.0 international standard from IrDA (Harex InfoTech, ExpressPay)


- Announced the world's first mobile card financial payment standard


- Harex InfoTech Inc. is established

- Announced the world's first mobile card payment system (Silicon Valley, USA)

- Announced the mobile card payment service ZOOP


- Developed electronic barcode and payment service using RFID

- Conducted mobile card service system study