Harex InfoTech Inc
We strive to make the world happier through innovation
Company Introduction
Harex InfoTech Inc.
We strive to make
the world happier
through innovation
We live in a digitally connected world where people use their smartphones to connect with anything, anywhere, with no restrictions. Harex InfoTech Inc. aims to become a “Super-Tech Platform,” the biggest and most valuable network company in each country, through our user-centric hyper-connected shared network.

The “UBpay platform” enables users to connect to financial institutions directly with NO middlemen in the payment process, and this platform is shared with businesses at no additional cost. The UBpay platform allows users and businesses to conduct safe and secure transactions.

The “UBpay platform” provides My Data, User Centric Artificial Intelligence, and User Centric Hyper Personalized services. When users access payment, banking, and commerce services available in apps on the shared platform, all their transaction data will be stored on their own personal cloud server serviced by the UB platform operator in each local country. The My Data service ensures data privacy, data localization, and data sovereignty while complying with global standards, such as AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CFT (Combating the Financing of Terrorism) requirements. We use User Centric AI to manage user data to provide User Centric Hyper Personalized services that maximize benefits for users and businesses.

The UB shared platform provides businesses with the core software, AI and network systems required to succeed and flourish in the new digital economy. By sharing the UB shared platform, businesses will experience unlimited growth potential by reaching an ever-growing and broadening network of users and partners and infinitely expanding service coverage with powerful payment and service apps released under their own brand.

This is the new user centric shared economy that Harex InfoTech Inc. envisions to create with the support of McLarty Associates and K2 Integrity (FIN) in the U.S. and all of our global partners.

Founder, President & Chief Vision Officer (CVO)
Kyung Yang Park