The best way for card companies,
banks, and prepaid card businesses
to increase their users and sales
Participate on the UB Platform as a UB Issuer.
Transactions increase as payment tenders are
used on the many apps that share the UB Platform.
Significantly increase user contact channels 
Expand the supply of cards, bank accounts,
and prepaid tender and increase transactions
Secure large number of merchants that use your payment tender
Take advantage of comarketing opportunities 
Potential Partners
Card Companies
Securities Firms
Prepaid Tender Issuers
(Transportation, Local Currencies,
Gift Certificates)
Mobile Phone Billing, etc.
Prevents data breaches and leaks as financial information is transmitted
directly to the user’s financial institution, where it is stored
and managed, and no data is delivered to or held 
by UB merchants during transactions 
Reduced costs as the user is connected directly
to their financial institution with no middlemen
Our Partners
Shinhan Card
KB Card
Hana Card
BC Card
Hyundai Card
Samsung Card
Lotte Card
NH Nonghyup Card
Shinhan Bank
KB Kookmin Bank
Hana Bank
Korea Post
Industrial Bank of Korea
Woori Bank
Standard Chartered
Busan Bank
BNK Kyongnam Bank
DGB Daegu Bank
Jeonbuk Bank
Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives
National Credit Union Federation of Korea
National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
Korea Development Bank

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